asicIT.  An unusual name that requires a little lateral thinking.  There are 5 words in those 6 letters.  As I "see" I[nformation] T[echnology].   Or maybe it's only 4 words.  As I "see" it. 

We call it as we see it.  We're not trying to sell you hardware or software.  All we "sell" is our independent expertise and assistance for your business.  We're not affiliated with any vendors.  We're engaged by our clients to look after their interests - even if that means challenging their existing thinking, strategy, activities and operations.

We're Chartered Accountants who can speak both techno-geek and business, and translate fluently between the two.  We're equally happy talking about the big picture, or getting our hands dirty in the nuts and bolts of the system where necessary.  We're not some pimply faced teenager with no life experience - we've been doing this for over 20 years. 

Technology is not a black box that works in isolation.  It impacts upon your business processes - how you do business - and that's why we take a whole of business approach to it.  It takes more than writing a cheque to profit from your IT investments.