As I see it, information technology is not about having the latest hardware and the current software. Nor is it about chasing the current industry trend, whatever that may be this week. Actually, information technology is not even about technology!

It´s about business!  The role of information technology is to enable business to achieve its objectives.

Unfortunately, many businesses, particularly small to medium size businesses, do not manage information technology with this objective. They are stuck on a technology treadmill and never see any real business benefit accruing from their continuous expenditure on information technology.

Which is where asicIT can help. asicIT provides a range of strategic and other technology consulting services to small and medium size business and not-for-profit associations to enable them to get the most out of their information technology investments.

We combine business and technology expertise in order that you can profit from your information technology.

As I see it, any other approach to IT is a waste of your money.

Greg Priestley, Director